Malcom McLeod == Catherine Cameron

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Malcom McLeod (1740-1785) = Marjory McKeller (?-?) Married 8/14/1767, Row Scotland


Sons and Daughters

Archibald McLeod (1769-?) - Kathrine McLeod (1771-?) -  Elizabeth McLeod (1773-?) -  John McLeod (1776-?)  - Janet McLeod (1778-?) – Marjory McLeod (1779-young) - Donald McLeod (1781-?) – Margery McLeod (1782-?)Malcom McLeod (1785-1862)



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Little Balernaig, Scotland

Malcom McLeod was born about 1740 (based on his age at death) [4] and married Marjory McKeller in Row (now Rhu), Scotland on July 24th 1767 [1]. Malcom and Marjory settled in Little Balernaig, Row, Scotland.    Little Balernaig is now a ruins (see image below).  They had nine children, five girls and four boys.  Malcom died on January 9th, 1785 and was buried in the churchyard of Row, Scotland.


Aerial view of Little Balernaig, home of Malcom McLeod 1740

Aerial view of Little Balernaig, home of Malcom McLeod 1740






Our ancestors come from Malcom (1740) and Marjory’s youngest son, also Malcom, who born on September 24, 1785 (nine months after Malcom died).  Malcom (1785) became a weaver and married Catherine Cameron in Campsie, Scotland on March 2nd, 1806.  Malcom and Catherine had seven boys and four girls. 


Ruins at Little Balernaig

Ruins at Little Balernaig

Three of the boys emigrated to Orillia, Ontario, Canada (Malcom, John, Cameron) and one (Donald, aka Daniel) emigrated to Kansas, USA.  One of Daniel’s sons (Malcom) emigrated to Australia.  Malcom and Catherine visited John McLeod in Orillia sometime between 1851 and 1861 and ended up staying with John until their deaths.

Family Tree of Malcom McLeod (1740)





Ruins at Little Balernaig

Ruins at Little Balernaig

McLeod Migration Routes