Malcom McLeod == Catherine Cameron

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Malcom McLeod (abt. 1849-1942) = Margaret Snedden (1854-1939)  Married 10/6/1876, Wallsend NSW Australia



Daniel McLeod (1877-1952) = Harriet Susan Burns (1874-1964)  Married 3/25/1916, Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW Australia


Sons and Daughters

No Children


Daniel McLeod 1877


Birth: 8/1/1877 in Wallsend, N.S.W., Australia

Marriage: 3/25/1916 in Hamilton, Newcastle, N.S.W, Australia

Spouse: Harriet Susan Burns (1874-1964)

Death: 12/4/1952 in Hamilton, Newcastle, N.S.W, Australia



Daniel McLeod (1877) lived at 106 Cleary St. Hamilton, four houses from his father and mother along with siblings.  Daniel was a watchmaker.

Malcolm (1849) and Margaret McLeod
Malcolm (1849) and Margaret McLeod