Malcom McLeod == Catherine Cameron

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Donald (Daniel) McLeod (1816-1897) = Jean Jane Miller (abt. 1818-1856) Married ?



Jean Jane McLeod (abt. 1840-1870) = Unknown  Married ?


Sons and Daughters

Jean McLeod (1860-?) – Catherine McLeod (1860-?)


Jean Jane McLeod 1840


Birth: abt. 1840,  Torrance, Campsie, Stirling, Scotland

Marriage: Unknown

Spouse:  Unknown

Death: 4/9/1870, Calderland, East Dist., Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland



Jean was unmarried when she gave birth to twins (Jean and Catherine) on 2/17/1860 at Barnhill Poorhouse, Springburn, Lanark, Scotland.

Donald (Daniel) 1816 birth
Donald (Daniel) 1816 birth
Birth of Daniel McLeod - 1816