Malcom McLeod == Catherine Cameron

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Malcom McLeod (1888-1946) = Christina Alan Askie (1891-1919)  Married 1913, Minmi, Newcastle, NSW Australia



Malcolm McLeod (1913-1991) = Florence Elma Weale (1916-1991)  Married 11/9/1940, Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW Australia


Sons and Daughters

Joan Christina McLeod  – Susan Lorraine McLeod  – Robyn Joy McLeod


Malcolm McLeod 1913


Birth: 7/12/1913 in Wickham, Newcastle, N.S.W, Australia

Marriage: 11/9/1940 in Hamilton, Newcastle, N.S.W, Australia

Spouse: Florence Elma Weale (1916-1991)

Death: 5/31/1991 in  Newcastle, N.S.W, Australia


Lived with grandparents then next door to his father and mother in law in 42 Lewis Street and were still living there in 1949 when Malcolm was a storeman.  In 1954 at 21 March Street, Kotara.  In 1937 he was living at 100 Cleary Street as a clerk.

Malcolm (1849) and Margaret McLeod
Malcolm (1849) and Margaret McLeod