Malcom McLeod == Catherine Cameron

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Malcom McLeod (1888-1946) = Christina Alan Askie (1891-1919)  Married 1913, Minmi, Newcastle, NSW Australia



Rupert Earl McLeod (1916-1981) = Mary Lucy Clifton (1919-2005)  Married 1942, Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW Australia


Sons and Daughters

Clifton Earl McLeod 


Rupert Earl McLeod 1916


Birth: 8/26/1916 in Hamilton, Newcastle, N.S.W, Australia

Marriage: 1942 in Hamilton, Newcastle, N.S.W, Australia

Spouse: Myra Lucy Clifton (1919-2005)

Death: 6/28/1981 in  Newcastle, N.S.W, Australia


Rupert lived at 9 Watson Street, New Lambton, Newcastle, NSW and was a tool grinder.  Then he lived at 40 Lewis Street, St. Wickham, Newcastle as a steel worker next door to Malcolm, his brother, a storeman and Florence around the corner from the Cannops. Then he lived at 70 Bridges Road in New Lambton, then back back to 40 Lewis Street, Wickham, then 265 Beaumont, St. Hamilton.  In 1980 he lived at 40 Lewis Street also where Malcom and Shirley lived.

Malcolm (1849) and Margaret McLeod
Malcolm (1849) and Margaret McLeod